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Pearl Cream
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Pearl Cream

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Manufacturer Product of China
Brand Shangyao
Type cosmetic cream
Item ID cm-00zhenzh




Pearl in TCM is used for relieving palpitation, clearing away heat from the liver, removing nebula, inducing astringency and promoting regeneration of the tissue, externally hastening the healing of wounds. Shanghai Pearl Cream is made from well selected pure precious pearls, which are grinded into very fine powder (about 2 microns in diameter), then mixed with other high quality materials. Pearl powder contains more than ten kinds of proteins and traces of several elements. Being absorbed through the epidermal cells, protein and minerals can increase the cell activities and promote the metabolism of the skin. As the Pearl Cream also contains higher fatty alcohols and glycerol, it can form a thin protective film on the skin to avoid contact with air and to reserve a suitable quantity of water and fat for the skin. Therefore the cream possesses the special effect in preventing the skin from being chapped and senile. Frequent use of the cream will always maintain one's skin tender, white, lubricious and smooth.

Ingredients: Pearl powder, higher fatty alcohols, glycerol, pure liquid paraffin.

Use Pearl Cream to nourish the scarfskin cell, promote metabolism, prevent the skin aging, make the skin moistening, soft and luster.

Application: 1. Apply the cream on the face with gentle massage after washing in the morning, after lunch and before bed time. Increase one or two times a day if necessary.
2. Apply Pearl Cream right before or after sever sunburn or windburn.

汉语拼音:zhen zhu gao





Product label: Pearl Cream
Chinese common name: zhen zhu shuang
Packing: 1 oz (28gm) one jar
Manufactured by Shanghai TCM Factory, China.


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