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Circulin Tea Extract
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Circulin Tea Extract

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Manufacturer Product of China
Brand Yin Kong
Type capsule
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This is a patent remedy based on the ancient recipe Ren Shen Zai Zao Wan (Ginseng Restorative Pill) in TCM, which is primarily used for replenishing qi and enriching blood, dispelling wind and removing phlegm, promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in the channels in cases of insufficient qi and blood in the liver and kidney, obstructed flow of qi in channels due to phlegm manifested as hemiparalysis, aphasia caused by cereal embolism, distortion of the mouth and eyes, spasm and numbness of the limbs, painful joints. It can prevent stoke in the middle or old aged people who are in the state of deficiency of qi and blood in the liver and kidney in combination with excess of phlegm and dampness.

Main ingredients: Asian ginseng (root), Fo-ti (dried root tuber), Astragalus (root), Frankincense (resin), etc.

Actions: Dispels internal wind and wind-damp, breaks up blood stagnation, clears the channels, invigorates blood and qi, dissolves phlegm.

Indications: Use to open up congested luo channels that have been blocked by wind, blood or phlegm. Indications include stroke symptoms, such as hemiplegia, spastic paralysis, facial distortion, dysphasia (difficulty speaking), and difficulty in moving limbs. Excellent for stroke symptoms if administered immediately following the stroke. Less effective after the onset of flaccid paralysis. Also useful in wind induced facial paralysis.*

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules each time, 3 times a day with warm water.
Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.

汉语拼音:Ren shen Zai zao Wan






中 风是中老年的常见病、多发病,是当今世界对人类危害最大的3种疾病之一,具有发病率高、死亡率高、致残率高、复发率高以及并发症多的“四高一多”特点。近 年来,由于诊疗水平的提高,中风的死亡率有所降低,但致残率仍居高不下,约80%的存活者尚有不同程度的功能障碍,即中风后遗症,给患者家庭和社会带来了 沉重的负担。因此降低致残率,提高康复速度是目前治疗本病的当务之急。在现代医学中中风后遗症包括脑溢血,脑血栓形成,脑栓塞,脑血管痉挛以及蛛网膜下腔 出血等病种,主要表现为肢体瘫痪,失语,口眼歪斜,吞咽困难,思维迟钝,联想困难,记忆减退,烦躁抑郁等。

Product label: Circulin Tea Extract
Chinese common name: Ren Shen Zai Zao Wan
Packing: 30 capsules / bottle, 400 mg each capsule
Product of China.


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